Before you get started:
The application process and what you need
Please ensure all questions marked with an * are answered

To avoid delays to your application. please ensure you provide us with as much detail as possible.

Information Required

1) The details of any Beneficial Owners who own 25% or more of the business, including:

a) Residential Address

b) Time lived there

c) Place of birth

d) Nationality

e) Tax residence

2) The details of two Business Officials, including:

a) Residential Address

b) Time lived there

c) Nationality

3) The details of anyone who will be an Authorised Signatory on the account, including:

a) Residential Address

b) Nationality

4) Your nominated account details. This is the bank account all of your withdrawals will be sent to, and must be in your business or organisation’s name.

5) Business info requirements to include a detailed explanation of:

a) What your business/organisation does

b) How your savings have been generated

c) How future savings will be generated

d) Business contact details

e) Registration number(s)

f) Annual Turnover, Headcount and Total Assets

How Nationwide uses your information

So you know: The information you provide will be held by Nationwide. We’ll use it to process your application and help manage your account(s) and any services you use. By continuing, you confirm you’re happy with this and that you’ve had a chance to read How Nationwide uses your information.

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